Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jelly Belly® Dress

The 8th Annual For the Love of Chocolate Gala was a spectacular one. The event netted over $106,000 – all of which will be awarded as scholarships for students of  L’Art de la P√Ętisserie and L’Art du G√Ęteau programs. 

Please click the link to see this year's incredible dress designs, and gorgeous photos from the event here!

In the end, we used over six thousand Jelly Belly® Beans. Probably a lot more - we lost count. The dress weighed between 16.5-20 pounds. It was super heavy, and my model rocked it! 

Taken at the For the Love of Chocolate event on February 23, 2013. Ashley (Noble), Christen Nehmer holding a giant Jelly Belly® Bean, Ashley (Plugra) photo by David Nehmer

Christen Nehmer, Jessie, 
photo by David Nehmer

Jana Perry, Public Relations Jelly Belly, and Christen Nehmer photo by David Nehmer

Jelly Belly® headpiece and photo by Joy Scott
Alma Hopkins, Shaun Raja, Joy Scott
Deciding which colors to go forward with.
Christen Nehmer making some beads over a period of three weeks. To pass the time, we watched the entire season of my favorites, The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow, and Big Bang Theory.



  1. That dress is amazing! I can't begin to imagine how long that took.

  2. Thank you, Katie! Was a little over three weeks. :)