Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jelly Belly® Dress

The 8th Annual For the Love of Chocolate Gala was a spectacular one. The event netted over $106,000 – all of which will be awarded as scholarships for students of  L’Art de la Pâtisserie and L’Art du Gâteau programs. 

Please click the link to see this year's incredible dress designs, and gorgeous photos from the event here!

In the end, we used over six thousand Jelly Belly® Beans. Probably a lot more - we lost count. The dress weighed between 16.5-20 pounds. It was super heavy, and my model rocked it! 

Taken at the For the Love of Chocolate event on February 23, 2013. Ashley (Noble), Christen Nehmer holding a giant Jelly Belly® Bean, Ashley (Plugra) photo by David Nehmer

Christen Nehmer, Jessie, 
photo by David Nehmer

Jana Perry, Public Relations Jelly Belly, and Christen Nehmer photo by David Nehmer

Jelly Belly® headpiece and photo by Joy Scott
Alma Hopkins, Shaun Raja, Joy Scott
Deciding which colors to go forward with.
Christen Nehmer making some beads over a period of three weeks. To pass the time, we watched the entire season of my favorites, The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow, and Big Bang Theory.



  1. That dress is amazing! I can't begin to imagine how long that took.

  2. Thank you, Katie! Was a little over three weeks. :)